Microsoft Exchange Server is a popular application for creating collaborative messaging environment. It is a server-side application of client-server environment. It stores all your valuable data, such as emails, notes, contacts, tasks, appointments etc., in EDB (Exchange Database) file. In some situations, the database gets damaged and you encounter Jet errors while accessing the database. This behavior of Exchange Server database leads to significant data loss and requires EDB Recovery Software to be sorted out.

The Jet errors generally occur when Exchange Server database gets damaged beyond repair capabilities of the Eseutil.exe and other EDB Recovery Tool. A number of Jet errors are quite difficult to handle.

In a practical scenario, you may receive the below Jet error while working on Exchange Server or trying to repair the database using Eseutil utility:

-1605 0xFFFFF9BB JET_errKeyDuplicate Illegal duplicate key 4294965691

When the above error message is encountered, you can’t continue using the Exchange Server database. This error indicates that EDB file is severely damaged and thus immediate recovery of corrupted database is required.

Microsoft Exchange Server offers an inbuilt utility to handle database inconsistency and corruption. But, this error can not be fixed using Eseutil.exe tool. If you keep running the Eseutil.exe tool after receiving this error message, it may cause a bigger headache, lost data, and lost time,in other words, it would merely aggravate the problem.

When you run the Eseutil.exe, it seems that the changes are not committed to Exchange Server Information Store or database, but the program may modify the database without displaying any sort of verbose information. It can apply changes to database even if it shows that database is not repairable.

In such circumstances, an absolute backup of your Exchange Server database proves a great help. You can easily restore your database from the backup and save your time and data. However, if the backup is either not updated or is damaged, severe problems occur.

This implies, you face critical data loss and need advanced and powerful third-party Recover EDB file tools. The applications are powerful enough to systematically scan the damaged EDB file using advanced scanning techniques and extract damaged data from it.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery software repairs and restores damaged Exchange Server database in all cases of corruption. This EDB Recovery application does not demand sound technical skills to repair and restore the damaged database as it has simple and interactive user interface. It preserves the integrity of data owing to its read-only and non-destructive conduct. The software is usable with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, 2003, 2000, and 5.5. It restores all EDB file objects, such as emails, notes, contacts, tasks, calendar entries, attachments, and more.