Microsoft Exchange Server uses circular logging option for maintaining the database transaction. These log files are stored until data is actually written to EDB (Exchange Server Database file). This feature uses the log files for recovering the database transactions if Exchange Server is shut down improperly or in inconsistent state. However, in some situations, circular logging cannot help you to recover the database transactions after improper system shutdown and you come across serious database corruption circumstances. In such situations, EDB recovery software come for your help to extract corrupt data from the database.

In a practical scenario of this problem, Microsoft Exchange Server database, which circular logging enabled, may not start after an improper shut down. Furthermore, you may run across a JET_errFileNotFound error in one of the below given forms:

  • -1811
  • 0xfffff8ed
  • 4294965485

In the Exchange Server Application Event Log, events 5000 and 1120 are logged in hexadecimal version of this error. The events are generic Exchange Server database startup errors. You should interpret the error code in descriptions for understanding exact cause of the problem and then fix it through EDB recovery solutions.

Root of the problem

You may come across this behavior of Microsoft Exchange Server due to any of the below reasons:

  • There is some problem in the checkpoint file of Microsoft Exchange Server database. The file may get damaged due to unexpected shut down of Exchange Server computer.
  • Exchange Server removes transaction log files after the data is written to main database file, if the circular logging option is enabled.
  • Another database process is having an open Edb.chk file. It prevents MS Exchange Server from modifying checkpoint file when checkpoint advances.
  • The Exchange Server database is severely damaged.


Try out any of the Microsoft Exchange recovery methods to fix the problem:

  • Locate and remove Edb.chk file from your Exchange Server database. However, you should play safely while doing this.
  • If problem is caused due to critical Exchange Server database corruption, repair and restore the database using powerful third-party applications.

The EDB recovery tool are particularly designed to scan entire Exchange Server database, to recover edb and extract all inaccessible data from it. They are incorporated with rich and interactive graphical user interface to offer easy recovery.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is the most advanced EDB recovery solution to effectively fix all your database corruption issues. The Corrupt EDB File recovery software is designed to repair corrupt databases of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, 2003, 2000, and 5.5. It restores all inaccessible items from EDB file, such as emails, notes, tasks, contacts, journal, and attachments.